True Organic Of Sweden Intensive Cream

It’s winter out there and it’s freezing!!! I am cold and I want to stay warm and so does my skin which can easily suffer from dryness and cracked skin. Especially my hands need the most care because they are over exposed to washing dishes, cooking and cleaning. So when I want a cream to specifically work for my hands only I am definitely reaching out for All You Need Is Me intensive multi-purpose cream by True Organic Of Sweden.

If you are aware of the oh! so famous Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream then you have found yourself an alternative green beauty cream by True Organic Of Sweden. At least that’s what I have experienced with this cream. Β It is a non-greasy, extremely hydrating, almost balm like texture that keeps my dry flaky skin nice and smooth anywhere in my body. It has even become popular among my whole family.

With certified organic ingredients such as castor oil, beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E, blueberry seed oil, rosemary leaf extract and no mineral oil, silicons, parabens, alcohol and water (which most companies tend to use as their main ingredient) this baby gets all my attention. Β Even their packaging is eco friendly. The tube itself is made of Green PE, based on sugar cane from natural resources.

So the truth about the TRUE All You Need I ME is really true. hah!! It works!!!

You can definitely purchase this product from The Detox Market in LA in US or from the Detox Market Canada in Toronto, Canada.


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