Antidote Skincare

For the past few weeks I have been trying two uniquely different products from a brand called Antidote Skin Care. This is a Canadian brand whose natural hand made products to me hold a bit of uniqueness to them. Let’s face it who doesn’t love a good product doesn’t matter what they are. Same goes for the following products which have been working well for my skin.

Clay Addiction – Yellow

This name comes from the French Yellow Clay containing 70% of it in this mask. I specifically chose to give this mask a try because of its unique color. This clay contains no preservatives, no nasty chemicals or anything else that I need to worry about. Handcrafted in small batches this mask carries some interesting ingredients such as Moroccan Rhassoul Clay with its amazing skin enhancing properties such as detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin. It also carries Cucumber Peel Extract, Banana Extract, Chamomile Flower Powder and Rosehip Extract.

Usage : After mixing in with some water I apply this mask on my dry skin and leave it on for about 5 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. The reason I keep it on my skin for 5 minutes because I try not to allow the mask to dry out completely on my skin (according to the instruction). I wash it off while the mask is still tacky on my skin. You can read more about this mask here.

What I love about it: I LOVE the way it goes on my skin. Once I apply this mask it turns into an awesome beautiful yellow/green color that I am so in love with. Yes, I care about the details too much sometimes; but all for good reasons. My skin feels clean, clear and healthier. Β What’s not to love?

Lip And Cheek Stain – Feisty

Ok, this baby is no joke!!! I am obsessed with this shade because it gives my cheeks a unique color which is very different than what I have tried so far in the makeup world. It’s rich and pigmented and oh so gloriously beautiful on my skin. It is a deep burnt orangey with hint of red undertone tone that can compliment any skin tone especially olive and medium to dark skin tones. I apply it with my fingers with gentle patting motion. More towards a matte shade..Yay!! Trust me if I don’t love a product it wouldn’t make it on my blog post. I stay honest to myself as well as to my readers. This lip and cheek is a must have product for anyone who loves a great bold shade to make a statement. But if you aren’t into making a statement then you can defiantly wear it by applying it very lightly. I personally love it more on my cheeks but it also looks great on my lips. So there you have it — a winner !!

By the way this brand carries other great shades as well to suit your mood so feel free to check it out here.


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