Beatnik Naturals

Please allow me to introduce to you two body care products that have completely transformed my skin into a luscius glowing, gorgeously fragrant skin over night!! Ok, No Joke here!! Seriously!! The brand is called Beatnik Naturals from Florida. And oh! How I wish I could be there right now to give Dee (the founder) a big bear hug because she truly has out performed herself in creating this beautiful line of skincare!

About Beatnik Naturals

Its an all natural hand made non-toxic brand which uses plant based organic ingredients in small batches. And best of all they make their products affordable!!! By the way, you can even request a custom order to have something made just for **YOU**! Now how super special is that?? Gotta love a company that goes an extra mile to make their clients happy and satisfied.

My OWN JEWELS (i.e. products)

Sugar Scrub (Patchouli Vanilla)

No Need to check the Think Dirty APP or EWG for any toxic rating because there is NONE!!!
Ingredients: raw sugar, coconut oil, patchouli essential oil, Vanilla CO2 (All Organic) That’s All!!
How it works: I scoop out a small amount making sure there is no water getting into the container and then rub it all over my wet skin and then rinse off. After drying my skin with a towel I notice my skin is beautifully soft and hydrated immediately. Best part is that the softness and the hydration lasts pretty much throughout the day. Just heavenly!!!
By the way it pretty much smells like coconut and vanilla (my 2 favorite scents) and that just blows my mind and my senses!! Did I mention heavenly already?

Whipped Body Butter (Patchouli Vanilla)

Ok!! I only have three words for this body butter. Love Love Love!!!
Ingredients: raw shea butter, mango butter, raw cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, essential oil (All Organic) That’s all!!
How it works: I must admit not all body butters are created equal. This is an exceptional product. It deserves 10 stars rating for its quality and performance. I take a bow!! Why? As it melts into my skin it leaves a beautiful glow with a sweet scent. Even after washing my hands with soap and water my hands still feel soft. This is a true butter for my skin. Even listening my mother’s constant compliments on this body butter (yes I let her try it too) makes me feel reassured that I am truly experiencing something extraordinary. Because trust me my mother can be pretty hard to please most of the time.

So there you have it. No need to run to the drug store to get your fix for having dry skin, just call Beatnik Naturals. This is green beauty at its best. I feel so blessed! Now I am ready to meditate.


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