Sudsatorium Body Products

Hello loves!! I have been dying to write about a natural brand that became very near and dear to me. This brand is called  The Sudsatorium. It is an all natural vegan body brand from Canada. At Sudsatorium they test every ingredient they use not only for purity and effectiveness but also for known or suspected health concerns. All of their products are made without any toxic, synthetics, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced and bought from companies that do not support testing on animals.

Honestly there hasn’t been a single product from this brand which I have tried that I did not like. As a matter of fact I want to try ALL of their products. From the texture to the smell everything is lovely. Here are few body products I have enjoyed using:

Bronze Age and Midas Body Lotions :  These are two of my favorites out of many other tinted body lotions that are out there. I love the beautiful sweet floral scent which both of the lotions carry. Bronze Age gives my skin a more sun kissed look with a bit of shimmer and the Midas gives my skin a golden subtle shimmery look.  They are both very hydrating and made with all natural ingredients. And like all their products these two also come in three different sizes — large, medium and small.

Florist Gump : This happens to be the first body product I have tried from this particular brand and I fell head over heals for it. This is just an ordinary lotion with an unique name and what sets it apart from all the other lotions is it’s extraordinary scent. Sometimes I love to use strong floral scents on my body and I find that this lotion works both as a lotion and a perfume. The scent lasts a long time on my skin which is fantastic.

Rooster Booster and Jumbo Gumbo Shampoos : If you love volume and want a shampoo that creates that look then Rooster Booster will do the job for you. However, the volume may or may not last through the next day. I have really oily hair so for me this shampoo only works for the day with proper styling. I still love how it makes my hair feel soft and manageable. Jumbo Gumbo on the other hand is a shampoo for over processed, dry and hard to manage hair. This shampoo makes my hair super soft and super manageable. None of these shampoos are strongly scented.

Easy – E Toner : I have tried this toner a while back and it became very dear to me quickly. I am very picky with toners/mists because there are too many are on the market and not all are created equal. This was a refreshing mist for my skin and my skin truly felt hydrated after each use. My skin is mostly dry and dull looking (because I am over worked as a mom and a wife) if I do not regularly and religiously take care of it. So I find this toner revives my skin quickly and makes me look a bit more alive and rested. Made with an interesting mix of organic ingredients such as Wheatgerm, Neroli, Rosemary Water and Fermented Cabbage.

Now I just wanted to add two more items which are not shown on the featured image above.

Espresso Yourself Shower Gel : Coffee, Lime Juice, Cocoa and Hibiscus are the top ingredients to name a few. It is a gel texture that feels invigorating on the skin and I love the subtle scent of it. It just wakes me up feeling refreshed and ready for the long day ahead.

Night Cap Bubble Bath : This bubble bath makes me bubbly!! Really!! Love everything about it! No question!! I have been searching for an all natural bubble bath for a while now and I am so glad to have found this one. It is true as the bottle indicates “like soaking in the world’s biggest, foamiest cappuccino.” If you love coffee or chocolate then you will fall hard for this baby. The scent is very subtle to my senses but I love the way my skin feels after soaking in it. My skin feels soft after drying my body. Seriously, my skin becomes soft as a least that is what I have noticed. By the way, after pouring a bit of this Night Cap into the running water in my bathtub the water does bubble up. I find that it’s not as foamy as the mainstream conventional bubble bath products (because let’s face it the only way they bubble up is because of some questionable chemicals which they use in their products) but it DOES the job by making my mind and body feel calm and relaxed and oh! Yes; SOFT!!


I personally love and enjoy using these products and I am officially HOOKED!!!


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