Green & Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo

I can’t make up my mind as to whether I love the product more or the cute purple packaging more of this dry shampoo that’s making headlines every where. Well, all for good reasons; vegan, organic, fragrance free, talc free and non GMO this product is an all around winner. Coming from a chic who hardly washes her hair this is an amazing 100% effective product for my oily scalp. Even the name of the brand ‘Green & Gorgeous Organics‘ totally makes me want to try everything from this brand (yes, I am being a bit vain here). I don’t see a single brow raising ingredient in any of the products listed.

How do I use it: I simply just apply a small amount into the palm of my hands and then apply literally into my scalp and massage all around. I don’t even brush my hair after; although sometimes I do (if I feel like it). My natural hair is pretty dark so I find that it works pretty good. I usually wash my hair every 3rd or 4th day so I find that this shampoo does a good job keeping my hair less oily. 

There are few different types of dry shampoos to choose from; whether you want a full size or a travel size Green & Gorgeous got it covered. And best of all it does not leave any white residues behind which can be visible to the naked eye. I am definitely going to try the dry shampoo for dark brown hair next and will keep you posted on what I think of it. 

Certified Organic Ingredients in my purple dry shampoo

  • Organic Arrowroot Powder
  • Organic Brown Rice Powder
  • Organic Horsetail Powder
  • All Natural Clay
  • Aluminum Free Baking Soda
  • Organic Essential Oils

Green & Gorgeous Organics gets two thumbs up from me!!! 


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