Crimson and Clover Apothecary

The brand Crimson and Clover Apothecary was born from a one woman’s dream who wanted to create her own true natural non-toxic body care products at an affordable price range. Her name is Kristin Small from Canada. As a wife, mother and a teacher she is determined to create products that will not only beautify your body but also tickle your senses. Well, that’s how I pretty much feel when I am using her products. With no additives or questionable chemicals this brand is a top notch on my list of favorite body products. I salute Kristin’s dedication to creating some out of this world sensuous body care yummiest for our skin.

Lemon Rose Souffle

What does this Lemon Rose Souffle smell like? Well, it smells like lemon rose souffle!! Simple answer but 100% true!!! This product doesn’t need much explanation except that you will have to try it to believe my words. If you are a die hard fan like myself who LOVES using body care products that not only carry great moisturizing and nourishing properties but also provide luxurious scent then this body butter is a winner and a must try!!

Ingredients : Certified organic unrefined cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined raw shea butter, organic sweet almond oil, lemon essential oil, rose damask absolute oil, orange essential oil and that’s all!!!

Frenchie (Whipped body souffle with vanilla and a touch of shimmer)

Ok! This Frenchie body butter pretty much has me craving for vanilla ice cream even on a cold gloomy day. Once its on my body (as it beautifully melts into my skin) I just can not stop sniffing my skin. With a bit of shimmer it leaves a beautiful glow on the skin which reminds me of summer when the sun goddess shines through my soul. I have one word for it — “Gorgeous!”

Ingredients : Certified organic unrefined cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, raw unrefined shea butter, certified organic sweet almond oil, Vitamin E oil, French vanilla fragrant oil, mica and that’s all!!!

Luminous Shimmering Body Oil

This is a great body oil with a touch of shimmer that beautifully hydrates my skin by leaving a luminous glow. It is simple yet elegant oil housed in a glass bottle!! Looks gorgeous and oh so ultra feminine on my shelf. Even my mom is in love with its luxurious scent so as you know I must share this beauty with her as well.

Ingredients : Certified organic sweet almond oil, apricot kernel seed oil, jojoba oil, organic argan oil, scented with rose ylang-ylang, mica and that’s all.

Note: I do give this bottle a good shake before applying it to my skin because the shimmer can separate from the oils in the bottle.

My overall experience using all three products have been nothing less than fantastic. I am so over whelmed and blessed to have found a wonderful all natural brand along with a wonderful soul whom I have so much love and respect for that words are not enough to express my feelings.

PS– I don’t really have a favorite one since I love all three of these products equally!! Can not survive one without the other!! Oh! and look out for my awesome giveaway coming up in the next few days on my Instagram account!! So good luck beauties!!


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