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What is in a perfume that is so enticing to me? Well, everything!! It un- wraps my inner sensation of a free spirited soul.  As a deeply rooted spiritual being I am in constant search of a scent that elevates my mind and my spirit. I consider myself a flower child and no beauty in my world is complete without the touch of a scent.

Just like makeup not all perfumes are made equal.  For five years I have longed for a perfume that can not only be synthetic free but also can provide a luxurious scent. And now I am happy to reveal that I have found not only one but three perfumes that can deliver on its promises.  They are beautiful botanical perfumes created by Good Meidicine Beauty Lab.

GREEN Botanical Perume

Not only the name that enticed me to try this perfume but its blend of 100% pure essential oils, juniper berry, pine, cedar wood, lime, lily of the valley and rose geranium helped me to add to my favourite list of beauty must haves.  Its long lasting scent renews and energises my senses by boosting my vitality throughout the day.

RED Botanical Perfume

Made with 100% pure essential oils, red rose, french rose, black rose and sandal wood make me just want to float in heaven. Seriously!! As a flower child this has become my ultimate feminine fragrance. If you love 100% floral scents then this is a winner.  It’s a romantic magical mystical perfume that I can wear every single day for the rest of my life. Think I should get a lifetime supply of this jewel. Haha

BLUE Botanical Perfume

This has more of a citrus scent with some floral notes lingering around it. It is great for someone who may not want a sweet floral fragrance.  This is blend with 100% essential oils, juniper berry, grapefruit, gardenia and red rose.  Out of the three perfumes this one has the least amount of floral scent to it which is why I tend to reach for the above Green and Red perfumes first.

Overall, my experience in using these perfumes has been nothing less than fantastic.  I was sceptical at first since it takes a lot for me to be impressed with a beauty product; but that all has changed and I am now a true believer of Good Medicine Beauty Lab perfumes.  I have not owned a single perfume the past five years and now I have three. Mission Accomplished!!

And now you all beauties can get your hands on some of the lovely perfumes or anything else that Good Medicine Beauty Lab has to offer on their website where code “Ophelia” will save you an amazing 25% off at checkout until Friday January 29, 2016. After Friday you can get 15% off with code “Ophelia” any time!!


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