Few of the essentials for cold and dry months

Anointment — Shea Butter Cream

My hands have been itching to wanting to post this blog up ASAP!! Because now that I have my new blog site up and running I just want to constantly post all the goodies that I have been fortunate enough to try the past 6 months. Ok, lets get started!! It’s winter and its cold out there, baby!! And we all know that our skin changes with each season. So, when our skin get dry we need extra nourishment and love!! And wen it comes to hugging your skin like a warm blanket hugging your body then look no further. This Shea Butter Cream by Anointment will do the job and do it well. I know there are many shea butter creams out there but not all are made equal or feel the same on the skin. Trust me!! I tried a lot of them.

What it is : This cream contains 35% certified organic and *fairly traded* shea butter and virgin coconut oil. It can be used not only on the face but anywhere on the body and any time during the day. Anyone can use it whether they have dry, mature or irritated skin. Trust me even my grand mother-in-law is hooked on it now. Literally melts into the skin.

About the brand : April MacKinnon the founder of this brand had a life changing experience after the birth of her daughter which led her to leave her career as an Engineer and started her online business as an eco conscious mom selling cloth diapers and other non-toxic baby accessories. She has won the Savvy Mom Entrepreneur of the year award. It has been over 12 years since the launch of this great natural brand from Canada. Now serving customers all over Canada and the United States.

Price : Comes in 2 sizes — 50g $15.50 CAD and 100g $22.00 CAD

Overall I love this cream and for the price it’s worth every penny!!

Antipodes — Aura Manuka Honey Mask  

Now comes one of my favorite masks from New Zealand. This is called Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. Can I just say that it works wonders on my skin?!!! GLOW GLOW GLOW !!! That is all I see after using this baby!!! I don’t only love consuming manuka honey but I happen to love using it on my face! Seriously!!!! My skin is more combination/dry with occasional blemishes and this mask helps to address all of the issues.

What It Does :  This mask is known to cleanse and intensely hydrate the skin. It works more like an antioxidant and moisturizing treatment for my face. I love the way my skin feels after — radiant and ready for a face cream to be put on!! It is great for spots and blemishes. Also recommended for all skin conditions, especially blemish prone.

Price : $47 USD


Evan Healy — Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm  

If you want an eye balm that you can carry with, sleep with, play with then this one is for you!!! Well, that is kind of what I do…haha!! This eye balm by Evan Healy is so nourishing that will hug my ender eyes’ skin ALL day long especially in the winter months. My under eye skin gets really dry if I don’t use a balm or a heavy cream. And it doesn’t matter what the season is. Its always dry!!! I use under my eye makeup and on my chapped lips, cracked skin, or on the back of my hands to keep my skin well hydrated. It is truly multifunctional.

What it does : Cold pressed wild carrot seed oil and handmade whipped shea butter keep my nourished all day. Can be applied under eye makeup but be sure to allow this balm to absorb well into the skin first. It also brightens, tones and protects my skin with certified organic sunflower, avocado, cocoa butter and rosehip oils.

Quick Tip : If you are taking a photo of your hands then be sure to try out this balm all over on the back of your hands as well as the outer skin of your fingers to make your hands look more nourished and glowing. And you will not have to worry about the greasy ness because of the applicator. Yay!!

Price : $19.95 CAD

Epic Blend — Vegan Chocolate Lip Balm

Ok this is for the lip balm lovers like myself!! Not much to say except to admit that I only got it because yes, you guessed it; for the chocolate name on it. Nourishing and hydrating and simply yummy!!

Key Ingredients :  Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Candelilla Wax, Non-GMO Vitamin E

Beeswax free and that makes it great for those who are vegans. Its also gluten free and non-gmo make this an extra special.

Price : $3.49 CAD


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