Clean Living Collection Skin/Bodycare

Clean Living Collection  has become very famous among natural bloggers and I was fortunate enough to try few the brand’s products.

The Chocolate Whipped Body butter is a popular item in my household. Its beautiful, luxurious texture just melts into my skin and the smell is oh so chocolatey. Yum!! Even my daughter is in love with this body butter. Even though I am not a big fan of peppermint due to the sensitivities of my skin it does not seem to bother me one bit.


Chocolate Whipped Body Butter

Next is the 5 Spice Manuka Mask is a different type of natural mask compare to ost others I have tried . It does not contain clay at all. Rather it uses real Manuka honey which is not only beneficial for our health but turns out it’s amazing for our skin as well. Clean Living Collection uses Manuka honey with an UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) 16+, which means that it is one of the highest grades honey you can get. I know I am getting superior high quality honey when the label says it’s 16+ or more on the packaging of my Manuka honey.

Manuka mask bigger pic

5 Spice Manuka Honey Mask

Listed Raw Manuka honey as its first ingredient means that it definitely has more honey than the rest of the ingredients and that makes me happy to know I am getting real benefit from using this mask. Few of the many benefits of using this honey on my skin are its skin clearing, healing and anti-aging properties. It helps my skin to retain its moisture and keeps it looking youthful.

Now I would like to talk about the rest of the ingredients. One of my other personal favorites is the ingredient called Turmeric. Just like honey turmeric has been around for centuries. It is great for beautifying the skin, acne treatment, dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, pigmentation, anti-aging and more. However; it does leave a hint of slight yellow tint on the skin after the mask has been washed off so I recommend using this mask on a day off when there is no special event to attend.  The tint usually wears off at the end of the day once the face is ready for its next big cleanse with soap and water. This mask also has nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. All the spices are certified organic with no preservatives, fillers or synthetic fragrances. It’s a MUST TRY product!!!


Cleansing Cold Cream – Chamomile Rose

The last product which I have tried is the Chamomile Rose Cleansing Cold Cream which is pretty much a natural alternative to Pond’s Cold Cream (which my mom religiously have used for a long time). It’s a simple yet effective way to cleanse the skin. Due to the sensitivity nature of my skin I am unable use this product of my face but I do use it on my hands or feet if I want to nourish my dry skin. My mother loves using this cream on her face as a cleanser and a moisturizer since it can do both.



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