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Are you getting ready for the cold and flu season ahead? I know I am since my two kids attend school and so I need to start thinking about prevention from all sorts of winter related illnesses. It’s always a challenge when it comes to staying away from those nasty cold germs but we all know that sometimes it is just inevitable. During the severe cold winter days we tend to spend more time at home because we want to stay warm. So to purify the air in our home is very important to me. I keep indoor plants that help to naturally clean the air which we breathe in and out. But recently I have decided to invest on a ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser from Saje Wellness which helps to not only to purify the indoor air but it also helps to reduce dust and other common allergens. It is with the help of three different essential oils which can be used in a diffuser to create a more vibrant, healthy and spa like environment.  I have just started using it and I am already hooked. Heck! It’s already on my all time favorites’ list. That’s how much I am loving using my essential oil blends. Instead of purchasing only one essential oil blend for my diffuser I ended with three. Each of the therapeutic oils are known as a diffuser blend which gets diluted with water and kept inside the diffuser tank to be able to clean the air of viruses as well as bacteria. Saje carries a whole collection of high quality essential oil blends which you can choose from. My personal favorites are Spa Spirit, Immune and Tantra.

Spa Spirit : This takes me back to the spa (in my mind) where I feel there is a sense of serenity and peace and relaxation. 

What does it do?

“Clear airways and breathe better with a blend of congestion-fighting eucalyptus essential oil supported by respiratory-boosting benzoin and Peru balsam essential oils. Combined with the uplifting notes of grapefruit, Spa Spirit diffuser blend turns your home into a healing sanctuary any time you need it.” — Saje Natural Wellness
Tantra : I am literally addicted to this one!! I love the sweet scent which it delivers and my place smells heavenly. It makes relax and calm and ultra happy!!

What does it do?

“Set the mood for love and attraction with a warm, sensual blend of passion-inducing essential oils. Orange awakens the taste buds and embraces you with a sense of energetic desire, while champa essential oil, a known aphrodisiac, introduces a fruity floral undertone that tickles you behind the ear. Sensuous neroli dances delicately across your cheek, nestling in the tresses of your hair, while mischievous cinnamon interjects with its warm top notes. All-natural Tantra diffuser blend transforms any room into a romantic paradise.” — Saje Natural Wellness
Immune : I pretty much bought this to keep my kids’ immune system strong. The scent is very subtle and not overwhelming and it does seem to make a difference. 

What does it do?

“Freshen and cleanse the air you breathe while helping strengthen and support your immune system. The Immune diffuser blend has been formulated with essential oils including camphorous eucalyptus, warming cinnamon, soothing myrrh, and revitalizing peppermint. Use Immune diffuser blend daily during stressful times to help boost the immune system and revive your body’s health. Beneficial and therapeutic for the whole family.”  — Saje Natural Wellness
FYI : I do not follow the exact instruction on the package because I have noticed that using 10-15 drops (according to the package)  the vaporizing scent can become a bit too overwhelming for my senses.  So instead I use 5-8 drops and it works great for my liking.
I have come to realize that diffusers make the experience of aromatherapy very simple. Only true original essential oils can provide you with a real medicinal benefits. The usage of aromatherapy oils can also help our mind and body to relax. Trust me; I am the living proof! FYI – It is very important to use the right oils and read all instructions before using or diffusing any essentials oils.
Saje has various different aromatherapy diffusers which come in different shapes and sizes from small to large. I currently own the one shown above which is a large size ceramic diffuser known as AromaOm. Its chick and classy and oh so beautiful!! It runs for three to six hours depending on how long I wish for it to run. Sometimes I run it only for 15-20 minutes twice a day or three times a day depending on my needs. I have one in my bedroom where we use it before we go to bed and I have noticed that it helps us to relax and sleep better at night. The diffuser also helps to clear out any congestion which my kids may have time to time. It automatically shuts off and has a built in LED light towards the bottom which can be turned on or off as needed. Diffusers are also great alternatives to candles and incense which can be potentially hazardous especially if you have children. For more in-depth information you can visit Saje Natural Wellness website at and the good news is if you sign up for their news letters then you can always stay up to date on their upcoming promotions and new products. Saje also has a great return/and exchange policy which is a plus for me because I totally dislike buying the wrong products. 

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