Best (Green Beauty) Eyeliner

I have tried many eyeliners in the green beauty world and I have to admit that there are some really good and not so good ones. When it comes to choosing an eyeliner or any other product I always make sure I am getting the right quality for the right price. Makeup can be very expensive especially the ones that claim to be of high quality. I always look for the ingredients and performance when buying my makeup or skincare.

I have always loved using liquid liners to give my eyes more definition. My eyes have always been painted with liquid liners since I was a teenager. At the time I was using L’Oreal liquid liner and loved it. But now since the green beauty industry is born and thriving well I decided to try their eyeliners. Here are three eyeliners which I have tried so far and here are my final thoughts.

Zuzu Luxe Liquid Liner : This eyeliner has become one of my favorites. I have repurchased it for the third time. It is very easy and quick to apply and stays on all day over a great eye shadow base. I use the shade Raven which is a more of a matte black.

Marie Natie Gel Liner : I love this gel liner because it is creamy and smooth and oh so black (which I prefer my black liquid liner to be). Although I find gel liners takes a bit longer to apply then liquid liners I still love using this liner time to time just to switch things up. It is also a matte super black liner which give my eyes more definition.

100% Pure Liquid Liner : This Black Tea liquid liner is my least favorite unfortunately. I know many people love this liner but it did not work me. It was not long lasting even when I applied with a shadow base and it did smudge. I have also found the color to be more glossy than matte (which is not to my liking).

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and let me know what are your favorite liquid or gel liners. Leave a comment below for your chance to win a surprise green beauty product of my choice. Winner will be notified by email. Giveaway closes on October 1, 2016.



  • Wiggy Lawson


    I have never been able to find an eyeliner (or mascara) that has clean ingredients that has won me over. I have been loving my favorite eyeliner from Stila, the stay all day waterrproof liquid eyeliner. Rich colour, easy to apply and smear/budge/waterproof! Love it!

    • Ophelia


      I totally understand where you are coming from. I can relate to your experience. As a makeup artist it can be even more challenging for me. Its hard to find a great natural mascara that can impress me as well. Lily Lolo mascara is the only one that has performed better than most natural mascaras I have tried so far. Still nothing beats my all time favorite Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

  • Ginger


    I actually haven’t tried a natural liquid liner yet. I’ve been meaning to purchase the zuzu luxe one but haven’t yet! It’s good to know you like it as well!

  • Meela


    Zuzu Luxe is my favorite clean eyeliner! I also tried the 100% Pure one and wasn’t thrilled about it. I found that it flaked a lot on me and I didn’t like the applicator. Before going green I loved the gel liner from Kiko. I just ordered Root’s gel liner and hoping that it’s also good!

  • Cristina


    Thanks for the recommendations. I tried the 100% Pure one and didnt like it at all. When I went to curl my lashes the liner completely came off. Such a waste for me.

  • Andrea


    I used to use Estee Lauder ‘ liquid liner but still haven’t tried any natural ones! I was thinking of the 100% Pure one but I think I’ll avoid it.

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