Fighting My Cold Naturally

What happens when you catch a cold and you try your best to heal yourself by using only natural remedies? Well that’s what I have been doing lately. The following are the products I have been using non-stop since I became sick with a cold virus and I must admit it has been a success.

Daily C-Protect Nutrient Booster Powder

This is my ride or die natural supplement which is always sitting in my kitchen cupboard. This vitamin C powder has helped my health in many ways especially when I catch a nasty cold. I mix one scoop (which comes with the jar inside) with my juice (doesn’t matter what kind as long as its natural and healthy -you get the point, right?) and drink it once a day. It works wonders for me. After drinking this I start to feel better very quickly (within half hour or less). This powder helps to naturally nourish and strengthen my immune system. It is made with only food grade non-gmo ingredients such as Food State orange vitamin C  from which are made with whole foods, Food State Farm Fresh Fruit Phenolic Blend which derives from organic whole oranges, organic blueberries, organic cranberries. It also has immune strengthening herbal blend such as organic Astragalus Root and organic Schisandra Berry.

I personally swear by this product. It is 100% effective (in my experience) and no other vitamin C which I have tried in the past can be compared to it. Yes, it’s that GOOD!!! I am on my third jar now so that itself speaks volume. I also take this supplement on a daily basis just so that I can keep my immune system strong and healthy.

Olive Leaf Complex  – Throat Spray (Peppermint)

Surprisingly this superstar product by Barlean’s has become very popular (and I repeat popular) in my family especially with my two children. Whenever we get a soar throat or a bit of cough this throat spray always comes to our rescue. Even my husband who is not a big believer in natural remedies also admitted that this stuff works. All you need is few squirts of this spray in the back of your throat 3-5 times every half hour as needed and you will feel it working asap. I always follow the recommended dose as per the instruction on the bottle.

Olive leaf complex is one of the most essential natural compounds which works as a powerful health tonic. It is a great source of natural antioxidant. Its hard to get my kids to take natural remedies so it makes me happy that they are at least willing to take it as a prevention without any hesitation. I think they enjoy the taste of this product for some reason. My family and I have been using it for a while now and I trust this particular brand for making great quality products. It can also be used as a prevention for catching any nasty cold or flue.

100% Raw Premium Manuka KFactor 22 Honey

This product does not need much explanation except that it is creme de la creme of all honey to my knowledge. We all know that honey is one of the best natural remedies out there for our health and beauty but what we may not have known is what type of honey is the best source for our well being. When purchasing honey or honey related product I always look into the source first; such as where is the honey coming from and what type of honey is it.  Although I usually opt for honey that is locally made I have decided to give Wedderspoon Manuka Honey a try. Since Wedderspoon is known for carrying good quality honey products I was particularly interested in their limited edition KFactor 22 Manuka Honey. Many people have informed me about the benefits of using high quality manuka honey and when I put it to the test myself I must admit the rumors are true. The KFactor 22 indicates that it has the highest concentration of pollen count which is 90% comparing to Wedderspoon’s entire line of  Manuka honey collection. In a nutshell the higher the KFactor number the greater the quality.

As I have been fighting my cold and trying to keep myself from being bed ridden most of the day I have also added this Manuka honey to my list of natural remedies. Everyday I have been religiously mixing my honey with my herbal teas (especially Chaga Mushroom tea – which I will be doing a review on my blog soon) and I have noticed a tremendous difference. Even though I am sick my body felt more energized and I felt like I could just keep going — like the energizer bunny in the battery commercial you see on television. It is true!

I have truly surprised myself and what it seemed to be too good to be true turned out to be really true. I simply can not pin point one specific product which may have contributed more or less on my path to healing my cold but I have to agree on one thing — All three products used regularly have really benefited my health and well being. I am not an expert on natural health nor do I claim to be one. All my product picks and trials are due to my ongoing research on natural health and nutrition. If you are interested in trying any of the products or unsure of what to use or how to use them I suggest you always contact your doctor or your naturopath first.

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