Contouring Made Easy

We all know that contouring has become very popular among beauty bloggers and vloggers alike. Makeup contouring has made its mark even in the hearts of many average women (ie stay home moms, career women and young college women) who are curious to learn about contouring on their own by getting their hands on the right product. But the right contouring products are not always as simple to find. Thanks to google we can now easily search endless information on all sorts of products and services — and makeup is no exception.

Personally I LOVE contouring. It is one of my favorite ways to accentuate my facial features. I love to do it on my clients as well. I look at contouring as a method to create a masterpiece for my art – which is the human face. I have been fortunate to work with many different contouring products including palettes and sticks. There are many great contouring options out there for all levels of makeup enthusiasts – from beginner to advance level. But I have decided to pick only 3 products (for now) because I want to keep my choices simple and easy for the average person to understand because trust me darlings; contouring can get complicating at times.



W3ll People Bio Bronzer Stick – This is (in my experience) one of the best bronzing sticks in the green beauty industry. Its creamy texture glides on beautifully on the skin and it is also very easy to blend as well. For a beginner makeup enthusiast who maybe interested in experimenting with an easy contouring product this may help with learning some of the techniques of working with facial features.  It is very easy to use for contouring any areas of the face such as nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. All you need is wither a small/or contouring brush or fingers. However, in my experience I have noticed that using my fingers very gently help a lot with blending this texture. Keep in mind that this bronzing stick only comes in one shade. It works mainly on light to medium skin tones (in my opinion) and those with more dry skin can benefit from it since it is very moisturizing on the skin and may not work too well on oily to acne prone skin types. Even though the product is sold as a bronzer rather than a contouring item I have found that it works best for contouring for me.

The best thing about it:

It is super portable and easy to apply. Great for quick on the go makeup application. It does not have any shimmer. It has a great satin finish and the creamy texture which can be ideal for dry/dehydrated or even mature skin. Great price for a lot of product which is going to last you a long long time even if you use it everyday.




Nudestix Sculpting Pencil – I cannot decide what I love the most about this contouring pencil – the packaging or the performance?!! This works great for someone who wants to do a quick contouring in a minimum time limit. I can get a precise application with this pencil when I contour my nose. It is so easy that I just want to say – hallelujah!! It is super easy to carry around and I am just in love with its packaging (I think I have already mentioned it). I use the shade in Medium Contour – Deep 4 but it also comes in 3 more shades. It also comes with a highlighter on the other end of the pencil to highlight various points around the face ….how cool is that?? The cute compact also comes with a sharpener as well as a built in mirror inside its compact.

The best thing about it:

I love the easy precise application. So easy to carry and never have to worry about finding the right sharpener since it already comes with the packaging. Affordable pricing. Long lasting. And best of all it is matte – which is perfect for more natural looking contouring. I have traveled with this baby literally everywhere.



Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette – This is my holy grail contouring palette so far. It comes with three shades for contouring and three shades for highlighting. This palette is more for those who already have makeup artistry background or have some intermediate knowledge on contouring. It is suitable mostly for all skin tones from light to medium. All shades on this palette are 100% matte which helps to bring out the best facial features naturally (hallelujah).

The best thing about it:

Everything!! It is a gorgeous palette which delivers gorgeous results. Beautiful matte finish (always a winner in my book of favorites). All shades are beautiful to work with plus it comes with portraits created by Kat Von D herself where she shows how to pair each contouring shade with each highlighter for those who may feel somewhat intimidated by the palette. Oh! And super cute packaging.





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