Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

When I was suffering from skin breakouts on my face I just felt the need to try anything and everything ‘literally’ to make my breakouts/bumps and scars go away because I have never went through such traumatizing skin experience in my life before. While I was constantly searching for the right skincare to suit my skin my intuition kept telling to try to heal my skin also through nutritious food and supplements.  I have to admit I am not big on using supplements that come in the form of pills (lets just say – I hate taking pills). So when I came across the isle of The Beauty Chef products at The Detox Market I stopped and wondered if I can get myself to try their products since they all come in the form of powder or liquid. So finally after reading and researching on all of The Beauty Chef’s products I made the decision to bring home the Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder since it claims to heal the body as well as the skin from the inside out.

It has been three months since I have started to take this beauty powder and here are my final thoughts on it:

A) This powder works better inside my tummy if I add it to my dairy free smoothie. My gut reacts very quickly in a negative way if I consume ‘not so healthy food’ during the time I take this powder (guess it’s a good thing). It forces me to eat more healthy otherwise it can pretty much screw up my bowl movement. True!!

B) I am not really sure if it dramatically changed my skin since I didn’t really notice much difference until I started using the right skincare products on my face. However, I did feel it working internally for me which helped with a better gut flow.

C) It did not help me loose any weight nor did it make me feel super healthy (I guess it could be because I was already feeling healthy prior to taking this formula).

D) I am not too crazy about the taste since it tastes a bit bland and strange for my liking (sorry but I can’t really explain it in better words); but don’t get me wrong it does not taste bad at all.

E) I believe that it does help with gut health which is very important for our overall health but I also believe that it can work better in conjunction with better diet. Since my diet was already pretty good prior to taking this beauty powder I believe that may be the reason I did not notice any dramatic difference.

In my opinion this is an overall powerful formula in itself given the fact that it has so many super powerful beneficial ingredients for our health so I would recommend this product to everyone just because its better for their well being. It is 100% natural with no synthetic chemicals or artificial flavors. I truly believe that this formula can work differently for different people with various different health concerns and the results may vary for different individuals.

Now it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter and try a different Beauty Chef product. The question is which one?



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