Blissoma Eye Vitalizing Serum

There are a lot of eye creams out there but not all are created equal. This is probably going to be the shortest skincare review I have ever done. When it comes to eye creams/serums I am very picky. Hell! I am picky with everything (seems like). But seriously as a makeup artist and a makeup junkie I want to make sure that my eyes are well set for my concealers under my eyes. My under eyes can be very dry at times and with less sleep (because I have two little ones) the dark circles can really show up time to time. Ok…I have to admit my dark circles aren’t that bad but still…my eyes can look tired. Although we all know (or if you don’t know then now you know) that dark circles are mostly hereditary. Some have it really bad and some don’t. So nothing really completely diminishes dark circles. But the best we can do is use products that can temporarily make our under eyes look brighter and healthier. And folks, Blissoma Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum does just that. I love it. I have used it almost everyday non stop. This eye serum is 100% natural and its very light in texture. It is a fluid texture not creamy. It comes in a cute glass pump. Yes!! Super cute!! and all I need is 2 drops and voila…my eyes look less tired instantly. It is non greasy formula which is fantastic for my under eye makeup. It has vitamin C, antioxidants and more great ingredients which you can read about them on Blissoma’s website.

FYI – Since my under eyes can get really dry sometimes I need to wear an eye cream over my Blissoma eye serum. But if you have oily under eyes then don’t worry about applying an additional eye cream. This super awesome serum will do the job for ya!!


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