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If you want a good natural hair care brand that works for all hair types then you are reading the right post.  As a beauty blogger I am very fortunate to try many products that come in my way. Some products pass my review test and some don’t. I usually do not emphasize on creating negative reviews on products that absolutely do not work for me. So what do I do when I get those failed products? I just toss them or give them away to whoever wants to try them instead. Sometimes a product may not be suitable for me but it can get great reviews from from someone else and that is completely normal since we are all different with different needs and wants.

I am happy to say that all the hair products which I have tried from Innersense Organic Beauty are keepers on my book. Here are the following products which went through intense testing day after day and month after month for the past six months. Yes, I like to take my time before I can post an honest review especially if they are hair and face related.

Color Awakening Hairbathcolor-awakening-shampooThis is a shampoo for color treated hair and I am so blessed to have found this natural shampoo that actually works for me. I like to highlight my hair time to time and I have noticed that this shampoo helps my color to last longer and my hair looks and feels more vibrant. It does not weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy unlike some other natural shampoos I have tried. However, since my hair is super oily (and seems like there is nothing really I can do about it) I have to wash my hair almost every other day. But overall, I do love using this shampoo regularly.


Color Radiance Daily Conditionercolor-radiance-conditionerAlthough I am not big on using too much conditioner in my hair I do use it on the ends of my hair since the ends can get dry pretty fast due to coloring and styling. The texture of this conditioner is a bit too heavy for my liking since I do not have very thick or coarse hair, so I use only a pea size amount to lather and then thoroughly rinse it all out. It also has a very strong sweet scent to it but it does not bother me at all because I know the scent is naturally derived and nothing synthetic or toxic. I even use this conditioner on my little girl’s thick long hair and it leaves her hair super soft and manageable.


I Create Volume


This this a volumizing lotion which I have used on a regular basis. This lotion I find is a bit tricky to use on my hair for some reason. Sometimes the amount of lotion I put on my hair (near the scalp) can make my hair look really full and sometimes it can get a bit sticky. So what I do right away is I grab a round brush to brush my hair as I am blow drying at the same time and the stickiness goes away. Since I am not so blessed with great hair I find that this volumizing lotion does not keep the volume in my hair more than a day. The next day my hair becomes flat again and ofcorse oily. But I must admit that this volumizing lotion is the best one so far from all the other natural volumizing styling products I have tried so far.


Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner


Since I use very little regular conditioner when washing my hair I like to use the Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner for extra treatment before styling or blow drying. I also use very little of this conditioner since my hair gets oily super fast. It definitely hydrates my hair and keeps my hair more healthy. I also love using this leave- in conditioner on my daughter’s hair as well because why not? It is after all ** Natural.**


Harmonic Healing Oil


This is by far one of the best oils I have used for my hair. If I was stranded on an island and I could only use one hair oil this Harmonic Healing Oil will be *it.* This healing oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. I love everything about this oil and I have used it religiously to protect, nourish and hydrate my hair and scalp. I have used it as a scalp treatment and also used it to treat the ends of my damaged hair. Yes, coloring over the years can be damaging (FYI I have significantly cut down on coloring and styling since last year). What I love the most about this oil is that it does not make my hair look too greasy when I apply just a small amount. I can actually go do my grocery shopping  and pick up my kids from school having this oil in my hair when I am not doing a deep treatment. I just apply it only on my hair avoiding the scalp area. And no one even notices (I am pretty sure). I actually feel more confident having this oil in my hair since it makes my hair look instantly healthy and shiny. Honestly, I have never felt this way about any other hair treatment oil before. Very strange! My hair has gotten much healthier ever since I started using this oil. True Love!!!

Next time you are in the search for a great hair care brand that carries natural good for you ingredients be sure to check out Innersense Organic Beauty products. They have something for everyone and they are genuinely caring people who just want to make a difference.





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