Mukti Organics Review

If you are interested in trying organic natural skincare products which will not cause any skin irritations or breakouts then you may like the brand — Mukti Organics from Australia.

I have used natural organic products exclusively for a year but unfortunately nothing was working for me and everything was causing my skin to either breakout and cause irritations in the long run. And I personally have never experienced any breakouts until I started to use all natural essential oils and certain herbs. So when I decided to stop using everything that I was using at the time I went for Mukti Organics products to keep my skin calm and clear of all blemishes.

The following are the products which I have used exclusively for 3-6 months and now I am ready to share my honest thoughts on all of these skincare items.


Balancing Foaming Cleanser



This cleanser is very gentle and slightly foaming. It cleanses the skin well but it did not work hard enough to remove heavy makeup. I have only used this cleanser as a regular face cleanser during the days when I did not wear any makeup. My skin was perfectly balanced since it is for combination to oily skin types. Since I had to stop my skin from breaking out I found this cleanser to be useful in clearing my blemished prone skin at the time.


Neroli Blossom Balancing Mist Toner



This toner is also for combination/oily skin types. It is a mist spray and I have used it on a regular basis to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated. I did love the citrusy scent of this toner but I have come to realize that I can not use too much citrus ingredients on my skin for a long period of time because citrus can cause the skin to become very photo sensitive to sun exposure. So I highly recommend a good sunscreen if you are going to use any face products containing citrus ingredients. It also helped tighten my pores and helped with the penetration of my daily moisturizer.



Balancing Moisturizer



Unlike many other natural moisturizers which I have tried this moisturizer helped with my out of control breakouts. I was terrified to use another natural product on my face not knowing what it was going to do for me. But surprisingly this did not cause any breakouts whatsoever. Even though my skin was never oily nor combination I had to use a light textured moisturizer to keep my skin from falling apart. Yes, it was a pretty traumatizing period for me! This moisturizer has a very light lotion like texture. It penetrates into the skin very quickly leaving behind no oily or greasy residue.



Clarity Balm Acne Treatment



This balm is pretty much need to be used specifically for blemishes. I have used this balm at night before applying my Balancing Moisturizer. I have used it as a spot treatment. This balm goes on clear and dries out very fast making it ideal for wearing it under makeup. It did not get rid of my blemishes completely but I have noticed some improvement which it helped to control my acne. Regular use of this product is definitely recommended.



Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque



This is a detoxifying and purifying mask that claims to deliver antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients to the skin. It encourages a more fresher and brighter skin by removing dead skin cells and balancing oil production. This is a mask and an exfoliator so it does double duty for the skin. I am not a fan of exfoliators with grainy textures since they can be very harsh on the skin surface. I much rather prefer a mask or a treatment that gently exfoliates the skin. I have really enjoyed using this mask because I really liked the way it made my skin feel after which is clean, fresh and smooth.


Marigold Hydrating Creme



I have to admit that I really loved this moisturizer. Although it is for dry skin types I could not help but to use it on my face even though my face was more oily and combination at the time. I personally love moisturizers that have a bit of thick texture which can melt beautifully on the skin. This is a beautiful cream that can hydrate any dry skin very quickly. Unfortunately it did not work very well for my skin because of few of the ingredients which it carries such as coconut oil and shea butter. These ingredients cause my skin to break out easily for some reason. I have however used this moisturizer on my body and loved it. I am addicted to its intoxicating scent which is not too overwhelming for the senses. I highly recommend this to anyone who is experiencing rough dry skin and want a quick solution; as long as they are not sensitive to coconut oil or shea butter like myself.


So there you have it. My thoughts on all the Mukti Organic products which I have tried almost six months ago. My current skincare is different now since my skin has dramatically changed for the better. I no longer have severe blemish prone or oily skin. My advice to everyone is pay attention to your skin and do what your skin needs you to do.




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