Live Inspired Organics Review

I have had the pleasure to try a natural organic body care brand called Live Inspired Organics. All products are beautifully handmade and feel so good on my skin. And the smell is just oh so yummy!

Body Velvet – Floral Essence

This is one of my personal favorites from this brand. It is made with all natural ingredients and hydrates my skin pretty good without any greasy feeling. Its main ingredients are Kokum Butter which is rich in vitamin E, Aloe Vera gel, and handcrafted Blood Orange Hydrosol which gives off a sweet citrus scent to the skin.

Sugar Scrub – Floral Essence

This is a great hydrating scrub to use in the shower. My dry skin is instantly soft and supple. Made with various organic oils and cane sugar this scrub just screams nourishment and joy all day long. I just scoop out a bit of the sugar scrub with a spoon and put it in a mini bowl to keep it near my shower area so when I am ready to use it I can grab the scrub with my wet hands and apply all over my body. I use this method to keep my actual scrub container clean and away from any water getting into it so it does not change the actual chemistry of the sugar scrub.

Lip Balm – Floral Essence

This lip balm is – what can I say? Perfection! I love the simplicity as well as the effectiveness of this lip balm. It hydrates my lips beautifully and deliciously {ok, I have attempted to taste it at times} all day long!

Organic Herbal Tea

If you are an herbal tea lover then you will definitely love this tea. It helps to relief stress and calms the senses. Made with Organic Chamomile Flowers, Organic Spearmint, organic Lavender Flowers, Organic Cinnamon Bark, Organic Passionflower, Organic Rose Petals. 

So there you have it my two cents on Live Inspired Organics products. I not only love the products but I also have huge admiration for Gina who is the founder of this brand for being a gentle and caring soul. Its not everyday that you come across a brand that respects you for what you do and believe in and shows you support at the same time.

FYI – If you are interested in purchasing any of the products from Live Inspired Organics website you can now get a discount by using the code – ‘Ophelia’ at checkout. This will provide free U.S. shipping. You will get a free lip balm trio with a purchase of any collection $58 (retail value of $75.85) and if you purchase a second collection you will receive a discount of 25% off along with the Free Lip Balm…cost $43.50 (retail value of $75.85). So total savings on two collections is $50.20. Offer is valid from Black Friday Nov.25th through midnight Cyber Monday Nov.28th.


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