My Favorite Matte Blushes

When it comes to blushes most of the time I am always looking for the ones that are matte with absolutely no shimmer or sheen. And the reason for that is matte blushes are always flattering on the skin no matter what; especially when you are getting your photos taken. Matte blushes are great at hiding flaws like skin textures or bumps. I am not a fan of any shimmery makeup unless it is an eye shadow or a highlighter. That is just my own personal preference. If I had smooth, flawless skin then perhaps I can get away wearing shimmer blushes but since I am not very fortunate with 100% great skin I prefer to wear blushes that are matte but not flat. I also love and a bit obsessed with blushes that are colorful and playful to wear on my warm/neutral skin tone.

Top Left – M.A.C. Cosmetics blush in the shade This Could Be Fun

This is a gorgeous cool fuchsia color which is very unique for my makeup collection. It is I believe a limited edition matte blush (sorry). I had to try it because it looks really flattering on my skin even though it is cooler tone shade. It is also long lasting and blends beautifully.

Top Right – Becca Cosmetics mineral blush in the shade Lantana

Lantana is another gorgeous matte blush that is out of this world. I am obsessed with this reddish color because it gives my cheeks a beautiful glow which I just can not express in words. It compliments many different makeup looks such as smokey, sultry or casual. It is long lasting and just stunning on warm to darker skin tones.

Bottom Left – Black Up Cosmetics blush in the shade 06

I just had to purchase this blush because of  its unique orange tone. It looks gorgeous on my skin and blends beautifully. Black Up is a new brand which I have recently discovered at Sephora. This brand focuses mostly on women of color. Their blushes are absolutely beautiful and I can tell many of their makeup items are made for mostly warm to darker skin tones.

Bottom Right – Kjaer Weis cream blush in the shade Lovely

Kjaer Weis happens to be one of my personal favorite natural brands. This brand only focuses on making products with natural and organic ingredients. Plus their packaging is ultra chic and glamorous. They make one of the best cream blushes that are as good as their mainstream competitors. Kjaer Weis blushes are on the pricey side but I believe it is worth the investment if one can afford it. This particular blush is very flattering on my skin and it does last a long time. I even use this blush on my lips also given the fact that the ingredients are super clean and safe to use. I have traveled with this blush across the other side of the ocean and loved using it for a quick and easy makeup look.



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