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Ever since I started using more and more natural hair care products I have had to face many challenges where many products I have found that fail to perform to my likeness. There are very few hair care products that I have tried that actually impressed me and Yarok Feed Your Volume shampoo is one of them. My hair has dramatically changed after I gave birth to my second child. It is more frizzy, hard to style and just plain dull!! Oh! The agony!! So I am constantly looking for hair products which will give my hair more volume and shine. I have decided to put two Yarok Hair Care products to the test and this is what my hair has experienced.

Feed Your Volume Shampoo

There is no doubt that Feed Your Volume shampoo gives my hair more volume than most natural shampoos I have tried so far. However, the volume effect only lasts for a day. So this means the next day my hair is back to being flat and somewhat a tiny bit oily. Given the fact that my hair is not what it use to be I can understand why I should not expect any miracles. I still think this is a great volumizing shampoo which will especially benefit those with medium to thicker hair. The ingredients are natural so this could be great news those who love natural ingredients in their beauty products. But I also believe that someone with naturally great hair can also benefit from using this shampoo.

Feed Your Roots Volume Enhancer

When I use my Feed Your Volume Shampoo and my Feed Your Roots Volume Enhancer together then the results are definitely better than using just the shampoo alone. It does give my hair more fuller look without feeling sticky. This is a mousse texture which I apply to my roots and then blow dry my entire hair. I truly love the instant effect I get from using the two Yarok Hair Care products together. But unfortunately the effect also does not last more than a day. I think it is because my hair is naturally super oily. So there isn’t much I can do. I definitely recommend this styling product to anyone who may be interested in trying a good natural styling product that performs well.

So there you have it. My two cents on two Yarok Hair Care products. I am definitely open to trying more from this brand. So stay tuned for more reviews. Also, let me know what are your favorite hair care products by leaving your comments below.

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