Lilfox Brightening Eye Serum and Lip Butter Review

I was intrigued by hearing about an organic all natural skincare brand called Lilfox. While it is nice to see brands that use natural and wholesome ingredients in their products it is also a great feeling when the products actually deliver on their promises.

Kalahari Brightening Eye Serum

I needed an eye cream/serum to give my under eyes more radiance and hydration so I went ahead and purchased the Lilfox Brightening Eye Serum because of its promises to revitalize the under eye area as well as deliver hydration and nourishment. First, I was super excited about the packaging because it comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a glass roller ball on the tip of the bottle which is used to apply the serum under the eye beautifully. Ok, so I am sure we all can appreciate the fancy eco packaging here! But when it came to performance this eye serum did absolutely nothing for my tired eyes. I was heart broken! Yes, as much as I wanted to love this serum I just couldn’t justify spending $95 CAD (yes, you read it right) on this eye serum. It is actually $68 US for those of you living in America.

Why did I not love this Eye Serum?

A) It did not brighten my under eye area.

B) It did not penetrate well into my skin rather it was just sitting on top of my skin and it felt greasy.

C) I have used this eye serum for months and seen no difference whatsoever.

Vanilla Orchid Luxury Lip Butter

This is the second product I have purchased from Lilfox and also had very high hopes. I am a sucker for natural lip balms and lip products because I have a 6-year-old who suffers from severe dry chapped lips in the winter. So the more products I have to use on my little ones’ lips the better. The Vanilla Orchid Lip Butter seemed like the perfect thing because of all the great ingredients that are in this product. But unfortunately, this one has also failed me miserably. I mean if a lip butter can cost $35 CAD ($33US) then you sure can have great expectations from using this product, right?

Why did I not love this Lip Butter?

A) It did not hydrate well.

B) The texture of it was not smooth, rather it has little granules which needed to melt into the palm of my hands before application.

C) It did not provide any protection from dry severe weather conditions.

In conclusion, I would like to add that this post is not about spreading negative messages on Lilfox as a brand but rather helping others to make the right choices when it comes to picking the right products. I solely believe in honest reviews and I feel that constructive criticism is needed if I want my blogging style to be transparent. I am sure there are other products which Lilfox carries that are maybe better suitable for me and I am open to test and review more of their products in the future.




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