Best Natural Hair Oils

For a better healthier hair follicles I find myself reaching for the following three hair oils. Trust me, I am the last person on earth to talk about great hair because I myself suffer from not so great hair due to genetics and over processing of my hair throughout my young adult life. Now that I am a busy mom and a wife I find myself struggling to take care of my body and skin all the time. But I never give up! I know its important to me to look a certain way and I am always searching and researching for the right potions. You know what I mean, right?

Here are the three all natural organic hair oils I have tested over the past 8 months.

Prim Botanicals – The Hair Oil

This hair oil needs to stay in your hair for only 30 minutes to do its magic. It provides softer feel and radiant look to the hair after washing. My hair looks super healthy after I wash it. I naturally suffer from frizzy hair condition so I find this oil really helps my hair keeping less frizzy. It pretty much gives life to my stressed out hair. I use it once a week alternating with my other hair oils. By the way, this oil smells amazing!! For more details on ingredients list check out this link.

Yarok – Feed Your Youth Hair And Scalp Serum


This oil promises to keep my hair and scalp more healthy by providing anti-aging treatments as my hair ages with me. As we age over time our hair can also go through changes and for that reason I want to take preventative measures to ensure my hair does not go through any dramatic changes for the worse. This oil contains powerful blend of pure essential oils which are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. I tend to use this oil before I shampoo my hair. Sometimes I leave it on for 30 minutes or sometimes it stays in my hair overnight. This a lighter oil so I find it to be not so heavy or greasy when I apply it. This also keeps my hair looking healthy every time I use it. For ingredients list check out this link.

Innersense Organic Beauty – Harmonic Healing Oil

This hair oil is my own personal favorite because it is the least greasiest oil I have tried so far and given the fact that my hair is frizzy and fine I find it works best on my hair type since I can easily wear it out to the gym or to the grocery store. It is also full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and proteins which helps to nourish and strengthen my hair strands and follicles. It has some amazing ingredients such as Evening Primrose Oil, Rosemary oil, Hazel Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Tamanu Oil, Macadamia Oil and more. For more ingredients list check out this link.

Final Thoughts

I personally love using all three hair oils because the more I use different types of oils the better my hair looks and feels. Since these oils carry slightly different ingredients from one another I like to alternate them time to time to get a better result for my hair. I am definitely open to trying more hair oils in the future and will keep you all posted when the next new best hair oils come around. I have definitely seen the progress in my hair by using all three oils and I am a believer that pure natural oils can work wonders for any hair type as long the oils are being used consistently on a regular basis.








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